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Direct Sourcing

Unlock the power of your brand. Create a talent community and build a pipeline of top candidates.

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Are you ready to attract and engage the very best talent?  Direct Sourcing could be your answer.

At HireGenics, we are embedding ourselves within companies to leverage their brand and tell their stories to establish a network of like-minded, high-quality candidates. It is a tried and tested formula for building better relationships, enhancing your employer brand, and improving time-to-hire.

Direct Sourcing goes beyond us simply using your logo and sourcing candidates on your behalf. It is about maximising your brand, your differentiators, and your values for improved attraction. You will also achieve cost savings, reach better quality candidates, and provide a more personalised candidate experience.

Together, we can create a ready-made pipeline of potential candidates. Get in touch to learn how Direct Sourcing could work for you.

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